We accompany you from the very beginning.

Thanks to a continuously increasing background of experience and specifically developed programs, the FILCO FILTRAZIONE team offers advice and design services to meet any requirement as related to the dampening and collection of dust.

Vertical Production

The creation of our own filtering element is a process that starts from the selection of the fiber it will consist of up to its packaging and shipment; every stage of this process is directly followed by our staff in order to progressively improve the quality of the finished product and of the service provided.

The strength and essence of our technical fabrics starts from the thread, which is the core and the heart of our textile products for air filtering.

The most advanced weaving technologies determine the creation of a wide range of products for dust collection and not only, but - in any case - of high performance.

Depending upon the type of material, we can provide a wide variety of cutting/sewing to find the best balance for the optimum tightness of both the stitching and the hooking systems. One of our objectives is to produce at competitive prices without affecting the quality, safety and hygiene.

Upon request, we customize our products by purposely-developed labels or stamps.


Industrial craftsmanship

This concept is deeply rooted in our way of doing and thinking. Our main objective is to integrate a flexible production system to the care for details that is typical of the craftsman, so that we can supply either large or small quantities of material with the same spirit of "DOING WELL".

Before and after sale services.

We consider both Clients and Suppliers as partners who allow us to consistently improve our way of operating through mutual exchanges of information and experience. Our technical personnel, who are always at disposal of our clients, offer advice and support with great dedication and professionalism to settle the different issues that may occur. Thanks to our relying of trustworthy collaborators, we can guarantee a continuously upgrading 360° service.