What is the Gruppo Italiano Filtrazione Industriale

The Gruppo Italiano Filtrazione Industriale (G.I.F.I.) was established in 1998 with other companies of our sector. What could then seem to be a project bound to last little is recognized nowadays as a tangible example of synergy between companies: the "teaming up", which is often talked about but rarely implemented.

All started thanks to an agreement and a shared goal. The agreement started as a need: in a time of high competition on the territory, of little innovation in the industry and poor cooperation, some Italian companies of our sector (amongst which Vefim) reached the agreement of forming a group which would gather within it a partnership of individual know-how and productive capacity in the aim of refreshing the idea of a potential filtration in a 360° perspective.

Gruppo Italiano Filtrazione Industriale
The shared goal summarizes in one word: "quality". It was immediately clear from the very beginning that the only way to go for the success of the understanding would be increasing the spreading of the know-how every company of the Group had diligently built up as from its establishment. Such attitude was shortly consolidated and allowed the Group to increase both its productive capacity and the manufacturing quality which is typical of the made in Italy.

After all these years, our consolidated relationships allow us providing specialized technical advice and a wide selection of filtering elements at prices only manufacturers can apply, and to develop customized products to blueprint in a very short time, also for limited quantities.